All About the Georgia EIN Filing


In GA, choosing the legal infrastructure of a business often means obtaining a georgia tax id or EIN. EIN stands for employer identification number. Unique, its nine digits come from the IRS to identify a business entity. Once someone hires employees, it becomes called an EIN.

What GA Requires

The grand state of GA like anyone filing as a partnership, corporation, trust, estate, or non-profit organization to obtain an EIN. If the business hires employees, opens a bank account, files return on excise or alcohol, or tobacco and firearms it too must get an EIN. Due to the amount of identity theft GA highly recommends an EIN to protect personal information. By giving an EIN, it keeps the SSN more private. Not classified as sensitive private information, EIN can become shared more efficiently. The EIN never expires.

Items Needed for GA EIN 

Even if the business has just an online presence, a business address must be given to the IRS. It must be the physical address, not a post office box. A person can have a separate mailing address if they wish. The business must have a legal name. In each state, the registration of a company has a process. It protects the product or service created from infringement and unreasonable demands by other entities at state, Federal, and Internet domain level. Name of the responsible party with a contact phone number and email finishes the process.

Where to Apply

The IRS has a free online site to apply for EIN but also downloadable Form SS-4 for fax or mail. An EIN does not replace a SSN but adds a distinction to the business activities done. It becomes needed when an issue arises involving a legal document. File for an EIN today and get protected.